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International Gym Reviews by Fitness Model Mariya Mova E-mail
Written by Mariya Mova   

Mariya MovaI have to admit as a fitness professional and lover every where I go first think when I am landing to look for a proper gym to be able to workout and of course next comes my survival so I would start looking for jobs-in the fitness industry. 

As a working fitness and figure model traveling the world, I have been lucky enough in my life to be able to visit and work or workout in some of the top gyms and amazing facilities around the world.

The continents/countries I have been to-working or visiting are East Europe, West Europe, USA, Australia, Hawaii, and Middle East. Still to explore South America, Africa, Asia.

The Nation Effect on Gyms

Going to a gym in each country says a lot about the nation as well, of course I find most of the people who love the gym have similar drives and ambitions, either to stay fit, for recreation, for contest preparation, to socialize or just to get attention and this doesn’t differ from country to country.

The evolution of the gym world is obvious and the veterans can agree with that, and every country has its own gym evolution and development perhaps depending on the demands of the public..
  • Some gyms are gone massive two or 3 story buildings with spas, restaurants, rooms for weights, classes, massage treatments, even hairdressing salons, etc.
  • Other gyms rely on the professional and personalized services and friendly staff.

I find in every country there are those gyms for pro bodybuilders and the commercial once and then the community family fitness centers where it’s always noisy and crowded.

And then we have the VIP high standard gyms for the rich and famous-where probably high standard service and facilities are must.

Top Gyms From Around the World

Some of the many gyms I have enjoyed while traveling the world:

Australia (where I currently reside)
  • Fitness First Gyms.
  • Ladies only fitness gyms.
  • Victoria University Fitness Center.
Bulgaria (where I am from)
  • Sofia-National Stadium-training and managing my own gym from 1995-1999 and 2003-2005.
  • Solothurn-Athena fitness park
United Arab Emirates-Dubai
  • Sheraton Deira hotel Athena health club-working and managing high standard luxury fitness center.
  • Burj Al Arab Dubai the only in the worlds only 7 star hotel-visiting the world's most luxurious hotel with a team dedicated to outstanding personalized service, surpassing guest expectation by providing the ultimate Arabian Hospitality Experience
  • 24 hours fitness gym facilities.This chain bought out several of the former Golds Gym on the island.
United States (USA)
  • Los Angeles (Venice Beach, aka Muscle Beach).
  • LA fitness gyms.

My Personal Tips for for those that Gym Hop when Traveling

  • Bodybuilders  -join one of many pro gyms you can even find in some of those a female dominance, just make sure you run away before the girls get too bitchy
  • General fitness- sign up for a boot camp if you are an early person, or appoint a personal trainer to train you
  • Bodybuilders- workout at Gold’s Gym “The Mecca” – the original, the place where it all began.
  • General fitness-attend a hip hop class at your local gym this will bring some fun to your workouts
  • Workout in the middle of the night and sleep at the beach during the day- this will be definitely a shock to the body and you will sleep like a baby all day
East Europe
  • Bodybuilders-go and workout with pro elite athletes.
  • General fitness-workout in a gym with an outdoor pool, you will enjoy the view of top less hot chicks and hunks
West Europe
  • General fitness-make sure you buy outfits from the gym you are working out as this will make you belong to the family….Enjoy the unisex saunas and spas-Wahoo everyone is naked
  • Bodybuilders- I do not recommend you even reveal you are competing; most of the people don’t like competitors because of their attitude, so stay incognito
Middle East
  • Bodybuilders males only-join the pro gyms few of them-Flex gym or Platinum gym in Deira
  • Women, join a ladies club only!!

My Personal Tips for for Women Travelers who Want to Get Noticed

  • East Europe-workout in your bathing suit
  • West Europe-wear statement shirts
  • Middle East-better don’t try to get noticed
  • Australia-wear latest Nike collection
  • Hawaii-get tanned and workout in white outfits
  • USA-show your fit body but don’t show off, workout like a pro
Golds Gym in Venice Beach California
Mariya Mova at Golds Gym in Venice Beach California (summer 2008), the mecca of bodybuilding

About the Author 

Mariya Mova
Mariya Mova
Mariya Mova is a fitness model and personal trainer who holds a Bachelor in Sports Science and a graduate degree in Sports Science, and Sports Management from Victoria University. Mariya Mova has been published on the very popular health and fitness sites and Mova also owns Mova Fitness; a successful fitness and training company.
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