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Get Six Pack Abs with this Super Stomach Workout E-mail
Written by Jeff Behar, MS, MBA   

The following are a few simple stomach exercises that can help yabsou get those flat abs you have always dreamed of. It will also help you to develop a strong core.

These stomach exercises can be done at home and do not require any specialized equipment!

Leg Raises

Leg raises place primary stress on the lower half of the rectus abdominis although the muscle fibers of the upper rectus abdominia are recruited as well. Secondary stress is also placed on the intercostal muscles. Because this movement works the hard to work lower abs you want to do this exercise before crunches. 

  1. Lie on your back on an inclined ab board with your head toward the raised end.
  2. Grasp the end of upper bench with your hands to stabilize your body.
  3. Bend your leg 15-20 degrees or until you feel your back relax.
  4. Use your abdominal muscles to raise your feet in an arc to a position directly above your head.
  5. Drop your feet in a return arc until they clear the bench.
  6. Repeat until failure (get 15-25 reps).

Reverse Crunches

Reverse Crunches are a great exercise for working the lower abs.

  1. Lie flat on your back with legs extended.
  2. Raise your legs into an L position with your abs. You can flex your knees a bit.
  3. Lower them to almost floor level and raise again.
  4. Keep going until failure.

Bicycle Crunch

Targets: Upper Abdominals, Obliques, And Hip Flexors.

  1. Lie back with legs straight and arms extended above head next to ears.
  2. Bring arms forward, tilt chin down, and slowly curl upper body up, reaching hands to toes.
  3. Repeat to failure. 

Roll up Crunch

Targets: Rectus abdominis (the "six-pack" muscle). 30 percent more effective than the standard crunch because the move challenges your abs through a fuller range of motion, recruiting more muscle fibers.

  1. Lie back with legs straight and arms extended above head next to ears.
  2. Bring arms forward, tilt chin down, and slowly curl upper body up, reaching hands to toes.
  3. Repeat 15- 25 times. Follow this workout two or three times a week, with at least a day between workouts for recovery and you will look great in no time!
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