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This Type of Chocolate can Improve your Health E-mail

Chocolate has long been considered a guilty pleasure that should be avoided if you are looking to improve your health, however there are now hundreds of healthy studies that say a certain type of chocolate, when consumed in moderation can provide many health benefits.

Known Health Benefits of Healthy Chocolate

Until recently chocolate was considered a candy treat that provided fat, calories but no real nutritional value. Today, according to hundreds of scientific studies, eating moderate amounts of dark chocolate may provide many health benefits:xcoci


Knowing the Difference Between Healthy Chocolate and Not so Healthy Chocolate

  • Most mass-produced chocolate has a very low antioxidant levels. Inferior chocolate products contain little anti oxidants.
  • Healthy chocolate  contains at least 70 percent cocoa. 
  • Healthy chocolate contains high levels of cocoa solids.  The first ingredient on the label should be cocoa, chocolate, or cocoa liquor. The antioxidants and phenols compounds that benefit your health are in the cocoa solids. The more cocoa solids your chocolate has, the darker the chocolate will appear.
  • Most varieties of mass-marketed chocolate bars are made with milk. If it contains milk (milk fat, lactose, whey and other milk derivatives), the chocolate no longer has health-enhancing benefits.
  • Healthy chocolate products are processed with a cold-processing system that does not damage the product.
  • Healthy chocolate uses low-glycemic sweeteners such as raw cane juice and crystalline fructose.
  • Healthy chocolate does not contain any artificial flavors or ingredients, waxes, fillers, or added caffeine.
  • Healthy chocolate is fresh and naturally tastes good. Artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives aren’t necessary unless a bar falls short of these standards. Chocolate that is stored improperly will have a visible “bloom,” which either looks like grayish-white blotches and streaks on the chocolate or causes the chocolate to feel rough.
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