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Easy Weight Loss Tips E-mail
Written by Mark Webb   

Many people want to lose weight, but many also lack the understanding as to how to lose weight effectively. Here are 5 easy weight loss tips to help you shed the extra weight   and get you on your way to happier and healthier healthy_eatinglifestyle:


Eat More Not less. Yes it is true that you need to monitor your caloric intake, but most people make the mistake of cutting out meals. This puts your body in a starvation mode andiet_commandmentsd causes it to store calories rather than burn them. Calorie restrictive diets can decrease resting metabolic rate. The goal is to boost your metabolism and keep the fire burning. Your best bet is to eat 4-5 meals a day. These should be small meals not large portions. Snacking in between is allowed if you think healthy (carrot sticks and other high fiber snacks low in carbs). Studies show that an increase in your fiber intake can help with weight loss and it will improve heart health, colon health and digestive health.  Employing these principle is in line with the The Ten Commandments for Fat Loss too!


Avoid High calorie snacks and beverages. High calorie snacks often contain lots of processed simple carbohydrates and cause insulin spikes. Injesting lots of calories in one sitting also causes the calories to be stored as fat. Higfh insulin spikes cause hormone levels to raise that INHIBIT fat burning. Try to eat foods that have a low glycemic index. Low glycemic foods raise blood sugar minimally because these foods are digested slowly. Avoid highly processed foods that are high on the glycemic index like white bread, white rice, sugar, etc. Cut out the smoothies too. Although they seem healthy, they are loaded with high glycemic index carbs.


Stay Active (AKA Exercise). Exercise increases your metabolic rate. The more you move about, the more calories you will burn. Walk whenever possible. New research has been shown the important health benefits of brisk walking every day for 20-30 minutes. While there are a number of excellent ways to give your body the exercise it needs, walking is the most natural and normal activity most people can do. Research has shown that walking (brisk or power walking) can be more beneficial and effective to overall health than running a marathon or extended running workouts. Did you know that aerobic exercise has the power to calm nerves and improve bad moods. When it is done every day, it can enhance self-esteem and combat depression. Research has shown that a brisk 20 to 30 minute walk can have the same calming effect as a mild tranquilizer.


Dump the Soda and Diet Drinks.  Sodas are not healthy for many reasons: sodas typically have a pH of 2.5: this translates into 50,000 times more acidic than neutralno_diet_coke. This requires 30 glasses of clean water to balance out just ONE can of soda! Why is this important? Many diseases and conditions (including cancer) thrive in an acidic environment. Soda also contains high fructose corn syrup; a high calorie highly processed sweetener which significantly raises insulin levels and has been linked to Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes. A study from the University of North Carolina found that we consume 450 calories a day from beverages, nearly twice as many as 30 years ago! This increase amounts to an extra 23 pounds a year that were forced to work off or carry around with us. If this is true then why not drink diet soda instead, right? Wrong! Just because diet soda is low in calories, doesn’t mean it can lead to weight loss. Diet soda also has a pH of 2.5. Diet sodas also contain artificial sweeteners like Aspartame and Splenda. Artificial sweeteners are coming under fire and are being labeled toxic. Several studies have linked these artificial sweeteners to brain tumors, migraines/headaches, epilepsy/seizures, depression and autoimmune diseases which can be responsible for joint pain and other ailments. Artificial sweeteners in diet soda are known to cause side effects which include: dizziness, headaches, diarrhea, memory loss, and mood changes. Bottom line: Diet sodas do you no good, and they might just be doing you wrong. Other reasons diet drinks are not healthy Just FYI, Sucrolose (Splenda) is not natural. Although the company claims it is made from sugar, but they neglect to tell you they alter a sugar molecule and insert chlorine–a dangerous carcinogen (cancer causing agent).  Remember: It is just as important to actively drink the good stuff as it is to avoid that bad stuff. If you are downing five or six sodas a day, that means you are limiting your intake of healthful beverages, especially water. Other studies suggest that toxins contained in soda and diet soda can build up in our system and cause an inflammatory response which can be responsible for joint pain and other ailments.  For a great comprehensive article on this topic check out


Drink Enough Water. Today’s lifestyle of caffeinated drinks, carbonated beverages, fast foods, fatty foods, high carbohydrate food, processed food, and foods with low nutman_drinking_waterritional content all contribute to the fact that we simply do not supply our bodies with the essential amount of water to aid in proper digestion and keep our body in balance.  Carbonated and caffeinated drinks actually deplete the body of its vital water. Drinking enough water is essential for weight loss and overall health. According to the July 2004 Mayo Clinic Research Report, water is the most important nutrient that our bodies need to properly function.  Nearly ALL of the major systems in our body depend on water! Water is the catalyst for a majority of enzymatic based functions including those involved in nutrient digestion, absorption, transport, and metabolism. Water is essential in the natural metabolic, digestive, and cellular regeneration processes. Inadequate intake of water compromises cell functions by contributing to electrolyte imbalances, contractions of plasma volume, and by impairing the body’s ability to regulate body temperature. It also effects alertness, and work performance. Research has found that loss of water amounting to 2% of the body weight can impair performance. The Institute of Medicine, based in Washington D.C. recommends that men consume 3 liters of water a day and women consume 2.2 liters of water per day. These guidelines can be summarized for men and women with the 8 x 8 rule: Drink eight glasses of 8 ounces of fluid a day.  For a great comprehensive article on this essential nutrient, see:

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