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Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness, and Anti-Aging Newsletter, December 2008 E-mail
Written by Jeff Behar, MS, MBA   

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Health, Fitness, Anti-aging and Wellness Newsletter

  December 2008


Tips to Stay Slim During the Holiday Season 

Holiday BingingThe holidays are once again upon us - and for many that means extra calories. Whether it's turkey with all the dressing, holiday pies or parties with lots of snacks and drinks, overeating can lead to extra pounds that can be difficult to get rid of in the new year. Read more.



Are You Eating Toxic Fruit and Vegetables? 

fruitAs many Americans continue to increase their consumption of fruits and vegetables in their diet in an effort to increase their health, well being, lifespan and decrease their risk to diabetes, heart disease and other chronic conditions they may in fact be increasing their risk to several types of cancer. Read more.   


Drop Some Pounds and Save Your Hips and Knees

hip and kneeBeing overweight, particularly if you have a higher than average body mass index, may increase your risk for developing severe osteoarthritis in your hips and knees, according to new research. Read more.   



Gum Disease Increases Risk of Heart Attack and Other Heart Disease 

gum diseaseIndividuals reporting a history of periodontal disease were more likely to have increased levels of inflammation, a risk factor for heart disease, compared to those who reported no history of periodontal disease, according to an American Journal of Cardiology report. Read more.   


New Study Shows Daily Coffee Drinking Good for the Heart

Cup of coffeeA new study shows that women who drink two to three cups of  coffee daily have a smaller rate of death from heart disease, a new study shows. Read more.  



Is Green Tea the Secret to Longevity?

green tea reduces risk to many chronic health diseasesThe Chinese have known about the medicinal benefits of green tea since ancient times, using it to treat many chronic conditions, everything from headaches to depression. Find out why this natural substance may hold the key to health and longevity. Read more.


Erase Back Pain Naturally

Cure back pain naturallyLow back pain is a common concern, affecting up to 90% of Americans at some point in their lifetime.  Today, most medical professionals treat the symptoms (the pain) and not the cause. As a result medicine is often over prescribed, and the condition is not addressed. There are natural ways to address low back pain and get rid of it for good. Read more.



New Study Shows 20 Minutes a Week of Exercise Improves Well-Being 

cardioguyNew study shows that as little as 20 minutes a week of physical activity could help your mental state according to a recent study of more than 19,000 men and women in Scotland. Read more.   



Ways to Ensure that the Holidays Do Not Interrupt Your Fitness Goals

bike For many, the holiday season is a busy time of family gatherings, parties and extra shopping trips that cause people to deviate from their normal routines – including their daily exercise regimens. Skipping too many workouts can make it more difficult to resume exercise after the holidays. Read more.   


New Study Shows Aerobic Exercise Suppresses Appetite

aerobic exercise suppresses appetiteThree months of aerobic exercise can produce changes in body chemistry that decreased body fat and calorie intake in overweight and obese people, according to a new study. Read more  

Heightened Sense of Taste Can Promote Weight Loss 

tasteHaving trouble losing weight? Have you tried every diet around? Always hungry, even shortly after eating? According to a new study, people can lose weight by flavoring their food with calorie-free seasonings and sweeteners, which may make them feel full faster and decrease their consumptionRead more .   


Secrets to Maximize Fat Loss 

weight lossForget the fad diets and those magic pills. There are ways to melt the fat away and keep it off. Read more.   





Could Your Diet be the Source of Your Poor Health?

fat guyMany people believe that our modern day diet is the cause of a variety of health related chronic conditions that many people suffer needlessly. As a result many people are not feeling their best or needlessly take medications that cause additional problems for the body. Read more. 


Working Overtime Linked to Anxiety and Depression

women stressed Employees who work overtime are at increased risk of anxiety and depression suggests a study in the June Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, official publication of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM).  Read more. 


Important Vaccines Every Adult Should Consider

vaccine-shotVaccines are not just for children. Many vaccines you may have received as a child may no longer prevent disease today. Several of these childhood vaccines require booster shots. Vaccines are responsible for the control of many infectious diseases that were once common in this country, including polio, measles, diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), rubella (German measles), mumps, and tetanus. Many diseases can be life threatening. The best way to not get sick and prevent disease is to be prepared. Are you properly vaccinated? Do you know which vaccines need boosters? Read more.    



Fitness Boot Camps, Do they Really Work?

feelngoodfitcamp.comFitness bootcamps are taking the country by storm. You can not drive past a local park, or even watch late night TV and not see a DVD, or footage of a fitness boot camp in action. But are fitness bootcamp recruits getting in shape and staying that way? Check out this latest study to find out more .Read more.  

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