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Written by Jeff Behar, MS, MBA   
Jamo Nezzar
Jamo Nezzar
Jamo Nezzar, a former successful professional bodybuilder, is a internationally renowned personal training expert.

Jamo Nezzar's extensive knowledge in nutrition and training system, along with his dynamic personality has taken Jamo all over the world, and has catapulted him to one of the most sought after experts in the fields of health and fitness.

Jamo Nezzar has appeared on the covers of more than 27 fitness magazines including Musclemag, Muscle and Fitness, Body Fitness, Pump and Sports Revue. In addition, Jamo Nezzar has been featured in television programs both in Europe and in the United States, including, American Muscle, ESPN, “Lifestyle at Muscle Beach” on the Discovery Channel,  BBC2, and Sky Sport.

During Jamo Nezzar's bodybuilding career, more than 100 articles have been written about Jamo Nezzar's training style and nutritional philosophy. Jamo retired from bodybuilding competition in 2003 and focused on helping others lead fit, healthy lives.    

Jamo Nezzar is the founder of JamCore Training and co-founded, JamCore Training and offer  fun, effective and entertaining online nutrition and workout instruction that can be viewed on your computer at home or downloaded and taken anywhere.  For more about MyFitTribe click here.


Jamo Nezzar and his MyFitTribe Team 

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