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Research and other Studies
New Study Shows Coffee Consumption Good for the Heart
Is Soy Actually Bad for your Health?
Does Milk do a Body Bad? Is Toxic Milk on Your Grocery Shelves?
Suicide Rises in White Middle-Aged Americans
Why Emergency Departments are Overcrowded
Brain Lesions More Common than Previously Thought
New Study Shows Normal BMI with Higher Percentage of Body Fat at Risk
Anesthesia Exposure May Increase Risk for Childhood Developmental Disorders
Many Children in U.S. Uninsured Despite Having a Parent With Health Insurance
Study Documents Safety Problems for Biological Products
Suicidal Stunt Is Immune Cells' Normal Rite of Passage
Post-Surgery Stroke Risk Increases as Blood Pressure Levels Fall
Physician Uses Harp To Soothe, Heal Patients
Surgeons Test Blood Chemicals to Spot Early Signs of Organ Injury or Failure
Men Who Never Smoke Live Longer, Better Lives Than Heavy Smokers
Drinking Alcohol Associated With Smaller Brain Volume
Black Patients with Chronic Pain Less Likely to Have Obesity Assessed
A Third of the Diseases in the Developing World Are Potentially Treatable by Surgical Intervention
Landmark Study Unlocks Stem Cell, DNA Secrets to Speed Therapies
Protein Plays Key Role in Normal Development of Nervous System
More Appendicitis Hospitalizations on High Ozone Days
Lack of Energy in Elderly May Be a Sign of Serious Illness
New Study Links Stress with levels of Depression and Pain
Primary Sensor That Detects Stomach Viruses Discovered
Seven in Ten Patients Who Need Test for Early Stage Heart Disease Do Not Receive One
New Study Has Important Implications for Future Parkinson's Disease Treatment
What's Good for the Heart May be Good for the Prostate
New Study Shows 2 to 3 hours of Exercise Can Lower Heart Disease Risk Dramatically
Auto Immune Diseases: What are they? Who gets them? Why do they Occur?
Study in Rats Alleging Low-Calorie Sweeteners May Cause Overeating Carries Little Weight
Vaccine for Stomach Flu May be Possible
Too Much Fast Food and Too Little Exercise Harm the Liver
Study Indicates Green Tea Beneficial in Warding Off Fat, Weight Gain, Lowers Cholesterol






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