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How to Stand Out During a Figure Competition E-mail
Written by Laura Mak   
Whether it is your first competition or your tenth, there are sevelaura-mak_in_bikini_on_beach.jpgral ways to make yourself “stand out” amongst the masses. It is essential with the growing popularity of figure, to learn how to present yourself in the best possible way for “you”. There are six key elements you can utilize to make a grandiose impression with the judges and fellow competitors.

Six Key Elements to Standing Out at a Figure Contest 

Radiate Confidence

Start with learning how to radiate confidence from the moment you walk into the competitive arena. Do not wait until just before you go on stage to give yourself this internal pep talk. It is show time and all the preparation and homework is done. The competition is the fun part. Before you leave your hotel room, take a few quiet moments and visualize yourself on the stage, being called out for comparisons, gliding smoothly and effortlessly across the stage, and see yourself capture the judges’ attention. The more detail you can visualize the more effective the imagery. This is a great tool to use through out your entire pre-contest training. Visualizing can increase your confidence because you have already practiced seeing yourself win. 

Presentation is Everything!

Presentation begins even before you walk on stage. Know what poses look best on your body. Have someone look at how you stand during the line up as well as during the comparisons on each side. What looks good on one body type may not be the best for another. It is good in the beginning to use the mirror. It is easier to make minor adjustments. In addition, practice with your eyes closed so you can feel exactly how to hold your arms, legs, and abs. When you are on stage you want your posing to look natural as opposed to fidgety with extra hand or feet movements. The steadiness demonstrates confidence and preparedness and allows your presentation to be noticed. 

Turn on the Charm

Personality can show through suit selection, hair style, and make-up. The suit color and style should compliment not only your body but also your hair and tan color. Rhinestones and sparkles look great. Added accessories like a bracelet and earrings are nice, but do not overdo it with too many ornaments. You can hire a make-up artist to do your make-up the day of the contest. If you choose to do your own make-up, practice the application exactly how you will do it for the contest. This is part of your contest prep. Also, practice applying your tan if you are new to competition. It would be a shame to be marked down, because of something simple like bad make-up or splotchy tan. 

Demonstrate Grace To Ensure Your Place!

Demonstrating grace on the stage is an easy way to stand out. Almost everyone is in shape and only a percentage of the athletes are perfectly polished in their walk and turns. Ladies, this IS judged and must be mastered before the contest. You must know how to walk and turn in your competition shoes. Either hire a professional to coach to work with you, or have someone with a keen eye in the industry watch you stand in your shoes and swimsuit. The shoes are very high and unnatural so it is essential to practice walking. I have seen so many competitors with terrific physiques and a terrible presentation. It was as if they just thought competition day, they would miraculously be able to walk smoothly. I can guarantee this will never happen. Keep your legs long, body upright, head turned looking toward the audience or judges, move slowly and confidently, and use that great smile to show you are having a blast up on the stage. After all, this is why you just trained for twelve weeks, right? 

Positive Is, Positive Does

Be positive with yourself and others. You may not agree with a call out or decision, but you are not the judge, and you do not see what they see. Be friendly and helpful toward your fellow competitors, as you will more than likely see them again. Overall, you want to remember to compete with yourself and not the others. 

Be a Good Sport

As for the finale of the show, be sure to show good sportsmanship. Congratulate the winner as well as the other competitors. If you do have any type of negativity wait to voice it until you get in your own hotel room. Take time immediately after the competition and speak with the judges and get their feedback. This helps you in two ways. It not only gives you feedback for next time, but it also let’s the judges know you care about improving. By talking with the judges they tend to remember you better next time. You never know who is watching what you do, so behave in a positive manner. A positive attitude can take you a long way in competition as well as in life.

Put it All Together and Be Ready to Shine

These six key elements of how to shine during the contest can be great value for your next competition. By radiating confidence, demonstrating a poised presentation, exuding originality in your showmanship, demonstrating grace, maintaining a positive attitude, and above all exhibiting good sportsmanship, you can enjoy the competition to the fullest. 

About the Author

Laura Mak
The Mak Attack!
Laura Mak is a world renowned fitness trainer specializing in personal fitness training, dancing and choreography. As a recognized health and fitness expert it is not uncommon to see Laura featured on Fox Sports, ESPN2, TBS, NBC, ABC and WB.  Laura is regularly featured in numerous health and fitness publications such as, Oxygen, Muscle and Fitness HERS, Muscle and Fitness, Ironman, Natural Muscle and  Planet Muscle. Laura has also graced over 15 fitness magazine covers, a fete accomplished by very few. A successful entrepreneur Laura owns a successful online company offering health and fitness eBooks, fitness equipment and apparel, as well as a very successful personal training business and dance troupe. Laura has helped thousands of people of all ages across the globe lose weight, look good, feel great through her very successful Mak Attack Beach Camp and her very popular Laura Mak Fitness by Phone; a fitness by phone program that helps people make healthy exercise part of their everyday lives.

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