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Written by Jeff Behar, MS, MBA   

This month the spotlight is on Tracie Euker, a 41 year old working mother of two from Poughkeepsie, NY.

About Tracie Euker

Tracie Euker is a wife, mother to two boys under age 7, full-time Art Teacher and a figure/fit body competitor in the International Natural Body Building Federation (INBF) - all at the ripe young age of 41!

Tracie Eucker
Tracie Eucker, Mom, Teacher, Champ

How Tracie Euker Came to be a Bodybuilding Competitor is Quite a Story.

Growing up Tracie Euker was very shy. During her early school age years Tracie was known to be glued to the teachers lap. In her music class she would pretend to sing, too shy to let her voice be heard. As she matured gym class was a nightmare that grew worse as she got older. As gym activities went from individualized activities and exercises in elementary school to group sports for teams in secondary and high school,  Tracie was often picked close to last, damaging her self esteem and further reinforcing her shyness.

Parental Intervention

Hoping to bring me out of my shell Tracie Euker's parents enrolled her in dance class one year. This was an activity that Tracie sound found that she enjoyed and an activity where Tracie Euker could express her creativity.  Tracie Euker was able to find comfort in that it was an individualized activity.

Although Tracie Euker enjoyed dancing she still could not rid her "shyness demons".  After weeks of practice, Tracie Euker found herself immobilized during dance recital time, self-forced to sit on the side lines while my parents watched everyone else's child perform. Tracie Euker just couldn't bring herself to do it. When asked about this, Tracie Euker still feels the pain, embarrassment and discomfort of the event as if it occurred yesterday.

Tracie Euker's Confidence Grows

Eventually Tracie' Euker grew to be more confident. She found a passion in art and quickly excelled. Tracie Euker also found that she really enjoyed working with children. After college Tracie Euker became an art teacher, married and had my children. Madden is now 6 and Cameron is 4. 

Cameron, Tracie and Madden

Tracie Euker Catches the Fitness Bug

Being an individual activity Tracie Euker caught the fitness bug when it was all the rage. Tracie Euker soon excelled here as well.

Post Pregnancy Self Evaluation, Fitness Therapy

A year after Cameron was born Tracie Euker recounts looking in the mirror and crying about how she looked on the outside and felt on the inside. Tracie was tired, out of shape, and wanted more for myself. Tracie Euker had a dream...a dream to look like the women she always admired in fitness magazines.

The Dream Begins for Tracie Euker

Fed up with the way she looked and felt after her pregnancy Tracie decided to spring into action and visit a local gym. She was tired sitting on the sidelines and admiring the physiques she desired that were in the magazines.

Tracie Euker walked into her local gym determined to make a change. The trainer asked her about her goals.  She told him she wanted some muscle like the girls in the magazines. After looking me up and down, he smiled and led her to the circuit training machines saying light reps for each body part three times a week should do wonders for me. Another example of another incompetent trainer, found in gyms across the world.Tracie Euker quickly realized that this trainer either did not hear what she said, or clearly did not care or worse understand what she wanted to accomplish.

The Fire Within Tracie Euker Begins

Tracie Euker decided to finally be a little more aggressive and seek out the knowledge she needed to obtain her dream.  Tracie was back to the gym the very next day watching and asking questions of everyone whose physique she admired. A year later Tracie Euker entered and won her first figure competition and she has been winning and placing ever since.

Inspiration and Motivation through Perspiration and Pride

According to Tracie what inspires her and motivates her to go the gym each day aside from the small posing suit and wanting to make her kids and family proud is the fact that the sport is an independent one. Something Euker can do on her own... all the hard work, effort and sacrifice she puts in is hers and hers alone. Tracie Euker knows she can make it or break it... and Euker chooses to make it!!  Being average is no longer an option. You will never find Tracie living on the sidelines again!!!!  

Tracie Euker's Accomplishments

Tracie went from a shy, gal to a motivated and crowd pleasing woman on stage in a bikini!  

Tracie Eucker
Tracie Eucker

Tracie Euker began her INBF career in a June 2007 Figure Contest in New York City. Euker competed against five other athletes to earn the Overall First Place Novice Figure title.

Back on Oct. 25, Tracie Euker competed in the INBF Figure Championships in Poughkeepsie. She earned first place the Masters figure and first place in the Figure short class.

Following those first-place finishes, Tracie Euker, 41, competed in the INBF Amateur Worlds competition held on Nov. 8 in New York City. At that event, Euker placed fifth out of 15 competitors in the Figure short class and second place in a field of 10 competitors in Ms. Fit Body (a hybrid of Figure and Woman’s Body Building).

Tracie Euker, who is 5-foot-4, explained that the Figure divisions are based on height, so she competes in the Figure short class. The woman who placed first in the Ms. Fit Body division was a professional. Tracie Euker was not too disappointed in placing second to a pro, noting that she was “more proud than anything else.”

Update! Tracie Euker Wins Her ProCard!

Tracie Euker reaches another milestone in her fitness career: Tracie Euker earned her pro card on June 27, 2009 at the International Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (INBF) Northeast USA Figure Championship.

Tracie Euker wowed the crowd and the changes taking first place in the Masters Figure category and grabbing first place in the Figure Open class, winning Pro Cards in both categories!

Not too shabby for a 41 year old working mother of two from Poughkeepsie, NY.!!

Tracie Euker Turns Pro


Tracie Grabs Cover of Parrillo Performance Press

Tracie Euker Cover Model Parrillo Performance Press 

More Tracie Euker Pictures


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