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Blast Your Body into Summer Shape with Circuit Training E-mail
Written by Jeff Behar, MS, MBA   

About Circuit Training

Circuit training is a type of interval training in which strength exercises are combined with aerobic exercises, thus giving you all the benefits of both a cardiovascular and strength training workout. The main purpose of circuit workouts are to give you more variety, keep your heart pumping and give you the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Circuit Training Benefits

Circuit training is an excellent way to improve mobility, strength and stamina.

Circuit training has been made popular by places like Curves and Ladies Workout Express. In circuit training you have several pieces of strength training equipment interspersed with aerobic equipment like steps or jogging pads. It has all the benefits of both cardiovascular and strength training workouts.

Types of Circuit Training

There are many types of circuit training, but the most conventional way is performing 8 to 12 strength exercises that are completed one exercise after another.

Each exercise is performed for a specified number of repetitions or for a prescribed time before moving on to the next exercise.

The exercises within each circuit are separated by brief, timed rest intervals, and each circuit is separated by a longer rest period.

The total number of circuits performed during a training session may vary from two to six depending on your training level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), your period of training (preparation or competition) and your training objective.

For example, one would perform squats, then with no rest go straight into lunges, then leg extensions, then leg curls, then calf raises, etc.

There are many ways to structure your circuit training. You can make up a workout that is only upper body or lower body. You could incorporate sports drills with strength exercise in between. There are endless possibilities when constructing a circuit workout.

Circuit Training Goals

Typically circuit training is a type of interval training aimed at losing weight and inches, however it can also be used to add strength, endurance and/or to build muscle as well.

A circuit training workout can be structured in many different ways depending on your goals.   For instance:

  • To incorporate more strength then you should increase the load and increase the rest intervals.
  • If you looking to increase endurance you would decrease the load and decrease the rest intervals.



About Jeff Behar

Jeff BeharJeff Behar, MS, MBA is a recognized health, fitness and nutrition expert, regularly writing about hot topics in the areas of health, fitness, disease prevention, nutrition, anti aging and alternative medicine. Jeff Behar's work often appears in several of the major health and fitness newsletters, health and fitness magazines, and on  major health, and fitness websites. Jeff Behar is also a well sought after personal trainer, motivational speaker and weight loss expert.
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