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Do not Let Holidays Interrupt Exercise Routines E-mail
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For many, the holiday season is a busy time of family gatherings, parties and extra shopping trips that cause people to deviate from their normnita_marquez_travel_fitnessal routines – including their daily exercise regimens. Skipping too many workouts can make it more difficult to resume exercise after the holidays.

University of Indianapolis Assistant Professor of Nursing Donna Konradi, who has studied exercise persistence, says one of the most important aspects of staying active and staying in shape is to plan ahead.

“Sometimes your routine has to look a little different, so you have to plan in advance and consider what your options are,” she explains. “If you don’t have a plan, your routine will probably fall along the wayside and get lost in the holiday shuffle.”

Konradi offers these alternatives for staying active while traveling or whenever your routine is interrupted:

  1. Finding a close gym and looking for short-term membership options
  2. Checking local schools for public gym hours
  3. Using a hotel’s fitness room
  4. Purchasing fitness equipment If you choose to purchase your own equipment, Konradi recommends talking with a fitness professional to get an idea of the specifications and price ranges that best suit your needs.
  5. Brisk walking or running

Beyond the holidays, an alternative exercise plan can be useful throughout the year during vacations, long weekends or anytime you simply want to diversify your workout.

“The biggest danger is dropping your routine altogether and becoming sedentary,” Konradi says.

“It’s not an ‘either this or nothing’ situation. If you can’t do your regular routine, find some alternatives.”

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