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Growth Hormone Treatment after Weight Loss Surgery Prevents Loss of Muscle Mass
Study Identifies Protein that may Help Burn Fat and Fight Obesity
Brain Enzyme May be Key Controlling Appetite and Weight Gain
New Anti Obesity Drug
Buffet Line linked to Obesity in Rural America
Brain Enzyme May Play Key Role in Controlling Appetite and Weight Gain
Obesity Linked to Where You Live
Pediatric Obesity May Alter Thyroid Function and Structure
Researchers Project Epidemic of Heart Disease for our Children
Parents Misperceptions Put Children at Risk for Lifetime of Obesity
New Target for Obesity-Related Insulin Resistance, Type 2 Diabetes
Researchers Identify Cell that Makes Us Fat
Research Team Discovers Brain Pathway Responsible for Obesity
Obesity-Related Cancer on the Rise
Special Plastic Surgery Needed for Soaring Obese Population
New Study Shows Genetic Link Between Obesity and Cancer
Obesity Can Worsen Asthma and May Mask Severity
Combat Obesity Naturally with this Cooking Spice
Weight Loss Surgery May Be Associated with Bone Loss
Researchers Successfully Suppress Hunger Hormone Gherlin
Obesity Raises Risks of Serious Digestive Health Concerns
MSG Use Linked to Obesity
Some Obese Individuals Appear Metabolically Healthy
Study Suggests 86 Percent of Americans Could be Overweight or Obese by 2030
Device Blocking Stomach Nerve Signals Shows Promise in Treating Obesity
Obesity Related Cancers are on the Rise in the US
Red Wine's Resveratrol May Help Battle Obesity
Weight Loss after Gastric Bypass Surgery May Protect Against Infection and Cancer
Laparoscopic Weight-Loss Surgery Improves Health of Morbidly Obese Teens
Overweight Does Not Decrease Sperm Production
Excessive Weight During Pregnancy Increases Odds that Offspring will be Overweight
Morbidly Obese Men Regain Sexual Function Following Gastric Bypass Surgery
Study Shows Maintaining a Normal Bodyweight May Not Be Enough to Prevent Heart Disease amd Diabetes
Obesity Linked to Increased Risk for Dementia
Numerous Medical Conditions Associated With Obesity
Study Shows Obesity Worsens Impact of Asthma
Considering Weightloss Surgery? Here are Some Things To Consider First...
Bacteria Found in the Human Digestive System Linked to Obesity
Study Shows Possible Brain Wiring Connection to Obesity
Study Finds that as Obesity Rates rise, so do Women’s Chances for a Stroke

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