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Best Triceps Exercises for Maximum Growth E-mail
Written by Lynn Glenn   

Ripped tricepTriceps make up two thirds of the arm, so it is no wonder why to get big arms you need to have big triceps. With that being said, many people wonder which triceps exercises are the best triceps exercises.

Believe it or not, many people have no idea which triceps exercises are actually the best for triceps growth.

Well, worry no more. I am going to tell you which triceps exercises are considered the best triceps exercises by experienced bodybuilders and personal trainers for overall triceps growth.


Most Effective Triceps Exercises

Although the following triceps exercises may seem familiar and basic, they are still among the top triceps exercises on everyone's list of "must do" triceps exercises. Although these exercises are in some order of importance, they all are beneficial for developing perfect triceps.  

Close Grip Triceps Bench Pressclose-grip_bench_press

Close Grip Triceps Bench Press is arguably the best mass-builder for the triceps, and one of the most useful exercises in developing pressing strength. As far as poundage is concerned, there is no other triceps exercise that can match the Close Grip Triceps Bench Press. Close Grip Triceps Bench Press will create hypertrophy in your largest fast twitch muscle fibers, in other words if you want mass this triceps exercise is right in line for creating it.

Close Grip Triceps Bench Press is considered the best triceps exercise by many because of two very important reasons. (1)  With the Close Grip Triceps Bench Press you can move heavy weights and heavy weights mean big thick well developed triceps. (2)  the Close Grip Triceps Bench Press allows for a large range of motion. A large range of motion allows for the greatest muscle contraction. This is an important factor for maximum growth. Full range of motion, combined with heavy weights equals muscle growth!

Lying Triceps Extensions (AKA French Presses, Skull Crushers)  lying_tricep_extension

Lying Triceps Extensions (aka, skull crushers) are also considered one of the best triceps exercises because for two reasons. (1) Lying Triceps Extensions have a great range of motion. Lying Triceps Extensions work the entire triceps;from the elbow all the way to the latissimus dorsi. Due to its full use of the triceps muscle group, and this great range of motion, the Lying Triceps Extension comes in a close second to the Close Grip Triceps Bench Press as the best triceps exercise.

Triceps Dips

Triceps Dips made the list of best triceps exercises because it is a great exercise for developing overall triceps mass AND when Triceps Dips are performed properly they hit ALL three heads of the triceps. Triceps Dips is also a triceps exercise that allows for great range of motion. With Triceps Dips you can also pack on heavy weight using a weight belt to blast your triceps for maximum triceps growth.


Triceps Cable Pushdowns

Triceps Cable Pushdowns also made the list of best triceps exercises because (1) the Triceps Cable Pushdown is a triceps exercise that can work all three heads of the triceps (depending on the grip) (2) it is a triceps exercise that allows for incredible variation simply by switching the bar. By switching the bar, the angle changes and the triceps get worked in a different manner. The varying angles provide a recipe for growth. An example of this would be using the V-bar to hit the outer part of the triceps, the rope to hit those hard to reach fibers deep within the triceps muscles. A reverse grip is another great way to vary your triceps routine and help develop the outer part of your triceps. 

Triceps Pushupstricep_pushups

Triceps Pushups made the list as one of the best triceps exercises for one simple reason: their simplicity. Triceps Pushups also made the list of best triceps exercises because of their versatility. Triceps Pushups can be done anywhere and at anytime. Triceps Pushups can be performed so that all parts of the triceps are worked, simply by altering the hand position and the angle. Triceps pushups can also be made harder by placing your legs on a chair so that your legs are higher than your head. The higher you place the legs the greater the angle and the harder the exercise is to perform. This increased angle increases the force. Greater force recruits more muscle fibers and will lead to greater triceps growth. To maximize the effect on the triceps, Triceps Pushups should be performed with your hands as close together as possible. 

About the Author Lynn Glenn   

Lynn Glenn
Lynn Glenn
Lynn Glenn is a 63 year old natural athlete from southern California who started training at the ripe young age of 48. After catching the "bodybuilding bug", Lynn Glenn became interested in living a healthy lifestyle and started writing about hot topics in the areas of  health, fitness, bodybuilding, nutrition, personal training and disease prevention. At 63 years young, Lynn Glenn's dedication and success in the gym serves as a tremendous inspiration for many "mature" weightlifters trying to look better, feel better and beat father time!  To contact Lynn regarding personal training, or product endorsements, click here or visit his personal page

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