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Tips from Anti Aging Experts to Slow the Aging Process E-mail
Written by Jeff Behar, MS, MBA   

With the aging of our society, never has there been more interest in slowing down the aging process. With so much interest, it is important to separate fact from fiction.

Most anti aging experts agree that the following tips are worth  practicing to slow down father time: 
  1. Consume at least 12-16 glasses of water daily
  2. Consume vegetables and supplements that provide anti-oxidants.  Antioxidants decrease levels of free-radical induced oxidative stress, a known contributor to aging and disease.Consuming anti-oxidantsalso are said to decrease plaques in brain tissue.
  3. Exercise regularly (at east 4 days a week, minimum 30 minutes each time). A landmark study published in 1995 tracked 9,777 men ages20-82 and found that physically unfit men who became fit had death rates 44% lower than those who remained unfit.["The simple answer for defying age: exercise,", August 20,2003]
  4. Consume a glass of red wine, and a single aspirin daily (heart health)
  5. Consume anti-inflammatory herbs, and drugs such as ibuprofen.
  6. Add more fiber to your diet
  7. Restrict process foods
  8. Limit sugars
  9. Limit flours
  10. Limit saturated fats
  11. Reduce your caloric intake
  12. Add raw unprocessed vegetables to your daily diet
  13. Periodically fast
  14. Periodically cleanse
  15. Reduce stress. Consider activities to decrease stress in your life such as yoga, meditation, massage, exercise.
  16. Practice optimism
  17. Appreciate life

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